Our Children's Program

Our children’s program focuses on reinforcing traditional martial arts values such as trying one’s best and never giving up. Our students take pride in hard work and achieve their belts the old fashioned way. They earn them! Not only do our children learn self-defense, they also develop very positive feelings about themselves and others.

Our program is so strong that we have had many of our 12 to 18 year old students compete in world tournaments. They have taken home world titles from as far away as England, South Africa and Finland. There are many concerns with how our children are growing up in today's world. The pressures on our youth today are very different from when we were growing up. Children don't only have to worry about getting good grades and behaving, they have the constant battle of avoiding drugs, gangs, violence, bullying and peer pressure.

At Mac Albus Shukokai Karate Center we realize that in order to give a child a head start in life, they must possess certain skills to cope with today's challenges. Although the need for knowing self defense is both mentally and physically important, we cannot ignore the Life Skills and Mental Benefits that we must teach our children. We teach and build these skills, so that our students can make more responsible decisions in their every day lives.

Our Program teaches children discipline

Shihan Mac Albus teaches most of the kids classes. He has over 40 years of training and instruction of kids karate. We also have several trained instructors who love to work with children, but are also very clear about limits. These instructors are given special training and supervision from Shihan Mac Albus. We enforce good rules of behavior in the dojo, and we expect the same kind of behavior at home and in school.

Martial Arts is great for children

Several studies have shown that children in martial arts have an increased sense of responsibility, a decrease in the willingness to take foolish risks, and a higher sense of self-esteem. This is why millions of parents are using martial arts to supplement their children’s education.

Our reward systems improves children’s self-esteem

The belt system is just one the keys to building esteem. When the kids earn their belts it gives them a great sense of accomplishment that really improves the way they feel about themselves.

Our Junior Instructor program is also key to building esteem and Life Skills. When our kids earn this rank they are given more responsibilities in the dojo. Just a few examples are starting classes and teaching one on one to their peers. Teaching respect of the dojo just like in their own home by helping to keep it clean and neat for the new student that walks through the door.

Our activities channel children’s aggression

Many Parents and doctors have recommended our school because of the positive outlet it gives the kids for all their energy. Our program teaches children essential life skills. Our program teaches practical, proven self-defense methods. We also teach the kids that the moves they learn in class will work, so they don’t go home and try them on their family members or neighbors.