Shihan Mac Albus and Sensei Eileen Abus

About Shihan Mac Albus and Sensei Eileen Albus

Shihan Mac Albus 7th Dan began his training in 1972 with Soke Kimura. Shihan Mac came from very humble beginnings. Before opening his own dojo in 1983, he lived at and ran Soke Kimura's dojo in Hackensack, New Jersey for well over 5 years.

Shihan Mac has won numerous world titles in both kumite and kata in the style of Shukokai karate. For over more than 34 years Shihan Mac has produced many world title holders for kumite and kata both male and female, from the ages of 10 yrs. old to well over 40 yrs. old.

Sensei Eileen Albus 4th Dan began her training with Soke Kimura in 1976. Over the years Sensei Eileen has helped coach many of their dojo's top students to compete successfully in national and international tournaments. She has also been on many world tournament teams for Shukokai karate. She is one of Shihan Mac's top students. She teaches both the adult and children's classes at the dojo in addition to furthering her own training.

Together Shihan Mac and Sensei Eileen have the most well known children's karate program in Rockland County for the past 30 years with a very high retention rate. Many of those kids that started as beginners are still with them today. Both Shihan Mac and Sensei Eileen continually pass on the Shukokai way to all who walk through their door.